Questions & Answers

How long until the images are ready?

Digital images for each collection will be ready 7-14 business days from date of session. Expedited service is available for an additional fee.

Why is a Retainer/Deposit required?

The Retainer/Deposit is required to reserve your time and date for your session. The deposit is applied towards the full amount of the session. The deposit will be 50% of total amount of session and is due when reserving time and date for session.

Will I receive the un-edited images?

Oh goodness no! We mean this in the best way possible! We believe in delivering the absolute best work to all of our clients. When you hire us, it means that you are hiring an artistic vision that you love, professional post productions skills and our style. We can promise the only images that will not be in your gallery will be duplicates, blurred images, lighting test shots and images where someone is blinking :). You’ll have all of your best images and major moments in your collection! We don’t leave anything out!

Why charge Taxes?

According to the state of California, “…Any labor and service involved in producing or fabricating the photograph is subject to Sales Tax; if the client receives anything tangible (disk, thumb drive, etc., even if the client only keeps the tangible property temporarily and then returns it to the business owner, or even if the business owner transfers the images onto the clients personal property), then sales tax applies to the entire transaction.”